What Exactly is a Good Pillow?

A good pillow will depend on your preference, some will like it soft while others like firm. The market has different types. You can have a solid foam, feather, fiber fill, memory foam and more.

Before you shop for one, you might want to consider swapping the one you’re using for the pillow found in the spare room, doing so may help you relieve any neck pain you’re suffering from. Swapping pillows regularly can always do the trick.

Pillow selection factors

bed PillowA good night’s sleep starts with a clean and healthy atmosphere, meaning clean air and a silent environment. Knowing how thick or how many pillows you can have will depend on your shoulders (are they broad?) You also need to consider the softness of your mattress. Then, evaluate your sleeping position.

Younger individuals want a firmer pillow. Adults like having a larger, firmer pillow. You can also have feather pillows, but make sure that they’re not too skinny so it won’t disrupt your sleep as the feathers may sink, causing a strain to your neck.

The proper way to use it

To avoid neck strain, it’s a must that you lie with your head and neck. Don’t include your shoulders as pillows aren’t intended to support them. Thus, you should go further down your bed to make sure that the pillow only supports the head and the neck.

You must make sure that there’s sufficient pillow height when you’re lying on your side. This is to keep the spine level accurate without straining it. If your bed is already sagging, you may need to add extra pillow to help you feel more comfortable.

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What You SHould Know (and Not Know) About Air Purifiers

As long as you choose the right air purifier, your house will be free from dust, smoke and pollen, among other things. But the best unit that you can have is the one that can also eliminate volatile organic compounds and other pollutants.

Some models do come with carbon filters that clean those known compounds that can cause irritants. Unfortunately, not all models are capable of removing all gaseous pollutants.

If you have a unit with carbon pre-filters, you need to replace them often, like every 3 months. What happens if you don’t? The worst thing that can happen is that the pollutants the unit has trapped will go back in the air.

Thus, to maximize the benefits of an air purifier with this type of feature, you’ll need to follow the manufacturer’s recommendation. You also have to use it in well-ventilated areas inside your home.

Electrostatic precipitator

Honeywell 50250A unit with this type of feature removes pollutants, but not in a typical way. Rather, it charges those pollutants when they pass through. Then, the unit collects them via a filter. But this type of unit produces ozone as its byproduct.

It’s true that ozone protects us from the damaging effects of ultraviolet rays coming from the sun; ozone found in the ground can worsen your asthma. In fact, it can compromise your body’s ability to fight against respiratory infections.

That said, it’s important not to choose a unit that emits ozone, even in small amounts. It can be a poor choice, especially if one of your household members has allergy symptoms or asthma.

When choosing the right unit

If it’ll be your first-time to purchase this type of appliance, it’s best to go with a large portable unit. This is especially useful if you lack forced-air system at home.

With bigger models, harmful particles in the house can be easily removed at high speeds. Even if you set them at lower speed, they can still effectively remove those pollutants.

Don’t be fooled with features easily. Rather, you must study them carefully. You don’t necessarily have to have the best whole house air purifier you can find but it’s good to have an air purifier that has an indicator that tells you when to replace its filter to maintain the unit’s efficiency. Unfortunately, most units have indicators but they function based on the length of time you’ve used the unit, rather than telling you how dirty it is.

As previously mentioned, you should avoid getting an air purifier that emits even slight amount of ozone.