Five of the Best Office Furniture Suppliers and Manufacturers in China

China has long been the epicenter of global trade, especially when it comes to manufacturing of any sort – you only need to look at the multitude of businesses taking advantage of its great climate for international trade. From the gadgets of tech giants such as Apple and Samsung, to office equipment, China will always be the one-stop shop for businesses, large or small, to have their manufacturing done – and that includes office fixtures such as chairs.

The process of selecting the best office chair to suit your needs should be an easy one, particularly because of the range of options available out there for your selection. The many options out there means that various designs, features, gradations of comfort and sizes are available to accommodate different preferences. One of the best ways to acquire a comfortable modern office chair is by buying from chair manufacturers and suppliers in China.

China manufacturing offers compelling value to international consumers because the products tend to incorporate design features that would otherwise be too expensive to incorporate if the chairs were manufactured at home. The end result is complex finishes that are highly demanded by international consumers. Along with the quality of design and innovation, it makes sense to purchase your chairs from a Chinese manufacturer because they are often lower in price compared to products that are produced from home. In addition to the low overhead costs and reduced transport costs, China has managed to dominate the global furniture manufacture industry.

When dealing with offshore manufacturers, of course, you must always consider and prepare for the risks involved. Some of the risks include quality issues, durability, as well as the functionality of the chairs you purchase. Before settling on a Chinese manufacturer, ensure that you carry out your research to avoid any disappointments later on. To help you out, here 5 best office chair manufacturers and suppliers in China.


Voxim is well known for its production of quality ergonomic chairs. The company has won a range of design awards owing to the development of innovative and quality office chairs. All the chairs are designed in-house, which means that Voxim can manufacture your chair according to your exact specifications and standards – and for us, they are a company that gets the best rating overall out of all the ones we’ve listed. But don’t let that stop you from continuing to search!

Fuh Shyan Company

This reputable furniture company was created in 1986 and has been a professional supplier of office furniture both locally and abroad. Some of the chairs they produce include armless chairs and quality leather chairs that are competitively priced.

Big Furniture Enterprise

This enterprise is located in the middle of Taiwan and has over 12 years of manufacturing office furniture. The company prides itself in its customer satisfaction rate as well as its innovativeness.

Chief Ling Enterprises

This company has been operational since 1995 and has consolidated its reputation as the leader in export marketing and specialized custom made plastic office chairs. The prices vary and are based on design, packaging and order volume.

Well Paean Enterprises

This company specializes in the production of quality office chairs. The goods produced are high in quality and standard to guarantee the customer’s happiness.