3 Crucial Things to Consider (and to Expect) When Buying a Motorcycle that’s Made in China

“Made in China”.

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Whenever some of us hear these words, usually apprehension sets in – fairly or unfairly. See, the often-lampooned stereotype we see about products manufactured in China is that they are of shoddy workmanship – in exchange for the prices they go for. We’re not in the business of trying to attack or defend that stereotype – we’re simply saying that there exists one.

The same will be true about consumer electronics and vehicles.
Including the motorcycle, which will be our topic of discussion. Many owners of Chinese motorcycles, as well as former ones, will attest to the fact that as with even the highest-end models from Ducati, your mileage will vary depending on what you want to get out of your motorbike.

The same is true for ANY vehicle, regardless of make or price or perceived value.

It’s not like motorcycle manufacturing is new to the Chinese manufacturing industry – many industry sources frequently raise motorcycles as an increasingly popular mode of transportation in Chinese cities such as Shanghai and Beijing, due to their compact size and their ability to get from one place to another quickly. Which is a very important thing in a country as large and as populated as China is.

In fact, many of these motorcycles have started to be exported in droves to major markets worldwide – and are quickly gaining market share thanks to their significantly lower prices and solid value for money.

The only key to Chinese motorcycles is to understand what to expect from them. If you set your expectations well, know what concerns they have, and what you’ll end up getting for your money.

And that’s what we have for you – the three things you need to expect and understand when you buy a motorcycle that’s made in China. After all, as with any other purchase, it could be the motorcycle of your dreams….or that of your nightmares.

1. You Get What You Pay For

We already knew that much – but the axiom rings true even when you talk about Chinese motorcycles, even at their lower price point. The main reason why some rag on the Chinese market is because they try to buy cheapo crate scooters, even by Chinese standards; the other reason is that most buyers who don’t know how to maintain a bike and rather only knowing how fast it can go or what aftermarket trinkets and bells and whistles it can go with.

2. Forget About Going On Long Rides

There are plenty of reasons why people buy Chinese bikes, but none of them entail going on long commutes or riding on the freeway. They were primarily made to get around big, crowded, and heavily congested Chinese cities for short distances, and that’s what you should probably restrict it to.

3. They Can Be Very Good Beaters In The City

That being said, Chinese motorcycles can be excellent beaters, especially if you live as an expat in China and are frustrated by the congestion that plagues its major thoroughfares. Bikes such as those from QianJiang have good rides, smooth shfiting, and excellent value for the big cities, which you can definitely try in yours – just keep the other considerations in mind. Good luck!