A Guide to Beijing’s Top 5 Authentic Italian Restaurants

The rich culinary traditions of Italian cuisine are very well-documented and storied in the annals of human history – these accounts are what make it one of the world’s truly great and iconic cuisines of all time.

It’s this particular quality of Italian cuisine that has made it popular all over the world – its elegance in simplicity, paired with the concept of picking the highest quality and freshest ingredients as you possibly can, is what has captivated foodies all over the world.

Even the most remote locale will have an Italian or Italian-themed restaurant one way or another – and surprise, surprise, Beijing is no different. Yes, Beijing, the capital of the People’s Republic of China – which isn’t a slouch either when it comes to cuisine – but, if you are a foreigner or a tourist, you may find yourself looking for something less exotic, something more familiar, the universal comfort food of everyone.

That is, the panini, the pizza, the pasta, and the risotto of Italian cuisine.

So next time you find yourself traveling to Beijing, and want a break from all of that delicious, but incomparable Chinese food, check out this guide to the 5 best Italian restaurants in the city – we promise we won’t let you down.

1. Fratelli Fresh

Every person in Beijing will need to start with Fratelli Fresh – everything here is guaranteed to be authentic, as it’s made by an Italian chef, while the service is top notch. The passion in the food and the service paired with the excellent prices makes it so.

Fratelli Fresh
Renaissance Beijing Capital Hotel
61 Dongsanhuan Middle Road,
Chaoyang District, Beijing

2. Mercante

If rustic, homestyle, authentic, and home-cooked Italian cuisine is what you want in a quaint, charming and cozy space, then you’ll find Mercante to be your thing – Italian comfort food at its finest. You could just as very well be at the Sicilian coast, or a hole in the wall in Bologna, yet in a totally strange land.

4 Fangzhuanchang Hutong (west of Nanluoguxiang)
Dongcheng District, Beijing
+86 10 8402 5098

3. The Tree

From the comfort of your home you may think that a panini press works best, but for the summit in paninis – this is the place to be.
Likewise, if pizza is what you want, then The Tree will be the Holy Grail in Beijing. Best pizza in Beijing, bar none. Order a couple of Belgian tall boys with that – their beer selection is also well-curated!

The Tree
43 Sanlitun Beijie (100m west of Sanlitun North Bar street, behind Poachers Inn)
Chaoyang District, Beijing
+86 10 6415 1954

4. Park17 Italian Restaurant

park17-italian-restaurantDon’t cringe at the term Italian fusion – this restaurant knows its Italian cuisine very extremely well, stemming from its association with acclaimed chef Jean-Georges Verichten, which leads to a delightful French touch on its Italian menu. Try the short rib.

Park17 Italian Restaurant
Courtyard 4, Gongti Beilu
Chaoyang District, Beijing
+86 10 6586 1889

5. Brasserie 1893

If the ultimate de luxe fine authentic Italian-French dining experience is what you want, then you can’t go wrong with the Waldorf Astoria’s very own Brasserie 1893 – featuring its Cannes-born chef Benoit Chargy, who personally prepares and oversees the operations. It’s going to be pricey, but it’s going to be well worth it.

Brasserie 1893
1/F Waldorf Astoria, 5-15 Jinyu Hutong
Dongcheng District, Beijing
+86 10 8520 8989

Packing Tips for Regular Travelers

Travelling is a serious business, if you are not ready for it, both physically and mentally, you may end up in deep trouble. There are so many aspects involved in travelling, especially if you are planning to make a move with your family. From making various reservations to arranging for the budget and from shopping to smart packing, if anything wrong, you need to have a contingency plan in hand.

luggageOne of the essential requirements to a perfect trip is smart packing. Before you even start putting stuff in your bags or suitcases, it is always a good idea to find out about your baggage limitations. Whether you are travelling in your own conveyance or flying by air, you are baggage restricted.

Once you have a perfect picture about what stuff and what weight you can carry, start the packing. For the regular travelers, it may be easy but for the new ones packing can prove to be a nightmare. By following some of the packing tips for regular travelers, you can also become a smart packer.

  • Choosing the best Luggage – in order to enjoy your travel time, you need to make sure to check your luggage for comfort, capacity, sturdiness, security, mobility and manoeuvrability. If you have not tried using spinner luggage, maybe it is time to buy one. When you pack all your stuff in a spinner luggage, it becomes fairly easy to carry and move it around because of the presence of four multi-directional wheels that rotate on two axes. In addition to that the spinner luggage is guarded by heavy textured rubber material from every corner. With additional security features, you can start your packing process with a piece of mind.
  • In order to avoid being chained by your luggage, try to carry as few luggage items as possible.
  • Try to make your luggage as light as possible by avoiding extra items.
  • Do not forget to take a first aid kit with you
  • When packing your clothes and tracking gear, try to roll on your clothes in order to create more space. Try to take clothes that do not require ironing
  • Use small bottles to pack toiletries, lotions, creams and shampoos so that you do not have to carry the big bottles
  • Make sure that all your travelling documents and your valid ID card is in your possession all the time.