The Best Way to Clean Your Tiles? Steam!

A steam cleaner isn’t a new cleaning machine on the market, it has been around for quite some time. But it’s only these days that it’s getting a lot of attention. This can be caused by the several advantages of this machine over the traditional water and bucket system.

With a steam cleaner, there’s no need to use chemicals to properly clean the surface. This means that you can avoid using harsh substances that may ruin your nice surfaces, like tiles or hardwood floors.

This machine is easy to use and it’s very effective in cleaning your floors.

Does it have vacuum bags?

It may be as effective as a vacuum cleaner but steam cleaner doesn’t use a vacuum bag. This machine also doesn’t require drying of floors using an absorbent cloth, this is because the floor will dry up easily after the steam evaporates. This means that drying up is pretty much in an instant.

Can it be used on tiles?

A steam cleanerYes, but you must make sure that the steam cleaner is designed to clean on such floor. It’s best to use a handheld steam cleaner to make it easier to move from one space to another. It’s also cheaper and effective at cleaning.

Even though it doesn’t use chemicals to remove stains, it’s still effective at removing stains. Apart from that, you can use this cleaner in cleaning your upholstery, tile grout, windows and mirrors.

Another great thing about a steam cleaner is that it’s Eco-friendly. There’s no need to use harsh chemicals. You’ll only add tap water and you’re good to go. It can effectively clean grime, dust, and mildew sticking to your tiles.

Grout cleaner

There’s a specific steam cleaner that’s designed to clean a dirty bathroom. It’s a particular cleaner that you’ll like to use because it comes with a grout brush and a tile grout brush. With these brushes, the steam cleaner can tackle your dirty bathroom without the need of chlorine and other harsh chemicals just to remove the dirt on your tiles and grout.

Unfortunately, this type of steam cleaner is expensive. But it’s a versatile one since it doesn’t only clean dirt on bathroom tiles. You can also use it in cleaning sinks, counter tops, floors and ceilings.

Make sure that you opt for a unit that can kill 100% bacteria. This is to effectively sanitize your house and make sure that you and your family members are safe.

Source: Steam Insider

Things to Consider Before Purchasing a Kitchen Faucet

When you’re remodeling your kitchen, you must make sure that you also have the right kitchen faucet for the new sink. But before you shell out your hard-earned money, it’s a great idea that you know what you want.

Choosing convenience

Just as we saw with air purifiers, you should always have a unit that’s durable and convenient. Keep in mind that you need to turn your faucet off and on for hundreds of times in a day, so you will want to have a unit that comes from a company that makes durable faucets. In this way, you can be sure that what you have will last for a very long time without fear of leaking.

Does an expensive faucet mean a better unit?

Not necessarily. There are some faucets that can last for years without the expensive price tag. But price does determine whether or not it can serve you well for years. The unit must have a good valve that you can easily change or adjust from cold to hold water.

It’s also great to have a faucet with a temperature-limit feature, like the ones on Faucet Assistant. In this way, burns can be prevented. Not all faucets have this type of feature. So, if you think that it’s a great idea to have it in your kitchen, then choose a model that has a scald-guard feature in it. This is also an ideal unit if you have small children at home.

Water conservation

Your old kitchen faucet delivers more than 2.5 gallons a minute. However, for better water conservation, all faucets are now required to deliver not more than the said amount. To better conserve water, you’d want to have a model that provides adjustable flow rate.

Kitchen FaucetHow about warranties?

Warranties do vary from one unit to another. The best units are covered with lifetime warranty against leaks and drips. But, of course, you’ll have to pay a high price for the extended warranty. Still, it’s nice to have that type of faucet at home knowing that when it leaks or drips, you’ll have no trouble fixing it.


A kitchen faucet comes in different styles. The right style will vary depending on your preference, sink and how much money you’re willing to pay. You also need to know where you’d mount it. Make sure that the unit has the right holes that match the sink that you already have.