Five of the Best Office Furniture Suppliers and Manufacturers in China

China has long been the epicenter of global trade, especially when it comes to manufacturing of any sort – you only need to look at the multitude of businesses taking advantage of its great climate for international trade. From the gadgets of tech giants such as Apple and Samsung, to office equipment, China will always be the one-stop shop for businesses, large or small, to have their manufacturing done – and that includes office fixtures such as chairs.

The process of selecting the best office chair to suit your needs should be an easy one, particularly because of the range of options available out there for your selection. The many options out there means that various designs, features, gradations of comfort and sizes are available to accommodate different preferences. One of the best ways to acquire a comfortable modern office chair is by buying from chair manufacturers and suppliers in China.

China manufacturing offers compelling value to international consumers because the products tend to incorporate design features that would otherwise be too expensive to incorporate if the chairs were manufactured at home. The end result is complex finishes that are highly demanded by international consumers. Along with the quality of design and innovation, it makes sense to purchase your chairs from a Chinese manufacturer because they are often lower in price compared to products that are produced from home. In addition to the low overhead costs and reduced transport costs, China has managed to dominate the global furniture manufacture industry.

When dealing with offshore manufacturers, of course, you must always consider and prepare for the risks involved. Some of the risks include quality issues, durability, as well as the functionality of the chairs you purchase. Before settling on a Chinese manufacturer, ensure that you carry out your research to avoid any disappointments later on. To help you out, here 5 best office chair manufacturers and suppliers in China.


Voxim is well known for its production of quality ergonomic chairs. The company has won a range of design awards owing to the development of innovative and quality office chairs. All the chairs are designed in-house, which means that Voxim can manufacture your chair according to your exact specifications and standards – and for us, they are a company that gets the best rating overall out of all the ones we’ve listed. But don’t let that stop you from continuing to search!

Fuh Shyan Company

This reputable furniture company was created in 1986 and has been a professional supplier of office furniture both locally and abroad. Some of the chairs they produce include armless chairs and quality leather chairs that are competitively priced.

Big Furniture Enterprise

This enterprise is located in the middle of Taiwan and has over 12 years of manufacturing office furniture. The company prides itself in its customer satisfaction rate as well as its innovativeness.

Chief Ling Enterprises

This company has been operational since 1995 and has consolidated its reputation as the leader in export marketing and specialized custom made plastic office chairs. The prices vary and are based on design, packaging and order volume.

Well Paean Enterprises

This company specializes in the production of quality office chairs. The goods produced are high in quality and standard to guarantee the customer’s happiness.

3 Crucial Things to Consider (and to Expect) When Buying a Motorcycle that’s Made in China

“Made in China”.

Whenever some of us hear these words, usually apprehension sets in – fairly or unfairly. See, the often-lampooned stereotype we see about products manufactured in China is that they are of shoddy workmanship – in exchange for the prices they go for. We’re not in the business of trying to attack or defend that stereotype – we’re simply saying that there exists one.

The same will be true about consumer electronics and vehicles.
Including the motorcycle, which will be our topic of discussion. Many owners of Chinese motorcycles, as well as former ones, will attest to the fact that as with even the highest-end models from Ducati, your mileage will vary depending on what you want to get out of your motorbike.

The same is true for ANY vehicle, regardless of make or price or perceived value.

It’s not like motorcycle manufacturing is new to the Chinese manufacturing industry – many industry sources frequently raise motorcycles as an increasingly popular mode of transportation in Chinese cities such as Shanghai and Beijing, due to their compact size and their ability to get from one place to another quickly. Which is a very important thing in a country as large and as populated as China is.

In fact, many of these motorcycles have started to be exported in droves to major markets worldwide – and are quickly gaining market share thanks to their significantly lower prices and solid value for money.

The only key to Chinese motorcycles is to understand what to expect from them. If you set your expectations well, know what concerns they have, and what you’ll end up getting for your money.

And that’s what we have for you – the three things you need to expect and understand when you buy a motorcycle that’s made in China. After all, as with any other purchase, it could be the motorcycle of your dreams….or that of your nightmares.

1. You Get What You Pay For

We already knew that much – but the axiom rings true even when you talk about Chinese motorcycles, even at their lower price point. The main reason why some rag on the Chinese market is because they try to buy cheapo crate scooters, even by Chinese standards; the other reason is that most buyers who don’t know how to maintain a bike and rather only knowing how fast it can go or what aftermarket trinkets and bells and whistles it can go with.

2. Forget About Going On Long Rides

There are plenty of reasons why people buy Chinese bikes, but none of them entail going on long commutes or riding on the freeway. They were primarily made to get around big, crowded, and heavily congested Chinese cities for short distances, and that’s what you should probably restrict it to.

3. They Can Be Very Good Beaters In The City

That being said, Chinese motorcycles can be excellent beaters, especially if you live as an expat in China and are frustrated by the congestion that plagues its major thoroughfares. Bikes such as those from QianJiang have good rides, smooth shfiting, and excellent value for the big cities, which you can definitely try in yours – just keep the other considerations in mind. Good luck!

Seven Ways to Get Your Crush to Notice You

No matter how old you are, whether you’re in your sweet 16 or you just began your glamorous life of being 40, for as long as you’re not committed to anyone yet, it’s perfectly fine to have a feeling of attraction towards someone else. Yes, it’s quite teeny bopper to still call it a “crush” but is there really a better way to explain that feeling of butterflies in your tummy while he or she walks by? It doesn’t matter if you’re a man or a woman; if you want your crush to notice you, check out some of these tips below.

1. Be confident about yourself.

Self-confidence, without crossing the arrogance line, is still the most attractive trait anybody could have. If you think that being shy, timid and way too quiet will get your crush to notice you, it might work but in many cases, it won’t. Truth be told, there are some men or women who would notice you even if you don’t open your mouth or even move away from your desk the whole day. However, if you have longingly stared at the man/woman of your dreams for way too long and he still doesn’t notice you, then it’s time to make moves. Start with being confident about yourself. When you feel confident, it will definitely show.

2. Dress nicely!

Spend a little more time choosing the clothes you will be wearing, fixing your hair or putting makeup on. Don’t overdo it because a woman who looks like a birthday cake with all that makeup on, or the man who seems like he’s heading to a wedding when he’s just going to the mall isn’t exactly attractive. You might get the wrong kind of attention. Do spend time on your hairdo though. You can go to a salon or do it yourself with use of a blow dryer and some hairspray. Wear clean clothes and just a little jewelery, one eye catcher will do. Go for a nice fresh and clean look.

3. Give him or her a nice smile each time you have the opportunity.

Electric Toothbrush ReviewsYour genuine smile speaks more words than an entire essay read out loud. It helps if you have nice pearly whites too. As early as now, invest in a good kind of electric toothbrush. At Tootbrush Best, you can read 15+ electric toothbrush reviews and information on how electric toothbrushes, combined with the right kind of toothpaste, will not only get rid of all the dirt and stain on your teeth, but will also help whiten it and keep your breath fresh so you’re ready when your crush is about to talk to you up close!

4. Have something prepared to say when he or she finally approaches you.

And when he or she finally notices you and approaches you, you better have something prepared to say. It can be as simple as “hey, how are your doing?” or “how was work?”. Some people get so nervous about it that no words are coming out.

5. Or be the first one to approach!

If he or she won’t approach you, why don’t you be the first one to make a move? So what if you’re the girl? Start with something like “your shirt looks nice, where’d you get it? I was thinking of getting one for my brother!”

6. Show off a little bit – know your limit.

You saw him in the club? Show off your dancing skills. You work with her? Show her how great you by achieving your goals. Again, know your limit so you won’t look like a boastful fool.

7. Don’t be too hard to get.

And when he or she is finally there, don’t play too hard to get. If you’ve waited far too long for your crush to notice you, don’t miss this chance by saying you’re not interested because you know deep inside that you are!

The Different Blow Dryer Types that Help you Achieve Salon Quality Results at Home

Women usually don’t have much time to visit salons every now and then because of their hectic schedule. However, hairstyling is something that cannot be ignored at any cost. The good news is that you can make different hairstyles even at home if you have the right hairstyling accessories.

  • Ceramic hair dryers

Ceramic hair dryers are extremely popular these days. They have replaced the traditional ones by offering better styling and results. If you want styling your hairs with utmost safety, ceramic hair dryers are the finest choice. Ceramic dryers are definitely the best dryer for thin or thick hair but you can use them for all kinds of hairs from curly, wavy to frizzy. The ionic technology used in these blow dryers makes your hairs look healthier and smooth.

  • Titanium hair dryers

Ceramic hair dryersTitanium hair dryers are widely used by women all over the world. The titanium plates found in these dryers are worthy to have at home since they provide excellent results once passed over the section of hairs. The results you get by this hair dryer are identical if not better than those with ceramic straightener. You can adjust the heat and temperature setting according to the hair type. More curl and frizzy hairs will require more heat than straight hair.

  • Tourmaline hair dryer

To perfectly get smooth, shinny and hairs you can also use a tourmaline hair dryer at home. The tourmaline hair dryers are designed in such a way that offers smooth and gentle actions without damaging your hairdo. It is worth buying a hairstyling accessory that is economical as well as least harmful to your hairs. The naturally ionized property in tourmaline hair dryer helps your frizzy hairs to get silky and shinny. These dryers are made with special frizz reducing technology.

Say goodbye to hair salons and welcome the hair dryers, if you like to stay in the fashion circles.

Celebrity Hairdo’s that Weren’t Straight Naturally

There is no other part of the body that celebrities pay more attention to than their hair, this is the reason you see them with different hair style every other day. Sometimes this change is temporary while other times it is permanent. There are a number of celebrities who have changed permanently from curly and frizzy hair to straight hair.

Straight Celebs

Following is a list of celebrities who have changed permanently from curly or frizzy hair to sleek, shiny and straight hairs.
– Selena Gomez – the beautiful, charming teen queen decided to turn her curly hair into straight, sleek and shiny hair and it perfectly matched her personality.
Keri Hilson Hair Style– Keri Hilson – our second celebrity who preferred long blonde strands on curly hair and it changed her looks completely and for good.
– Sarah Jessica Parker – she is the one who looked marvelous in blonde straight hair so she decided to sacrifice her flowing curls into a sexy, tousled half-up, half-down hairstyle.

Besides these celebrities there is a long list of other famous celebrities in the line who preferred long straight strands over curly and fuzzy hair. Whether you are a celebrity or an ordinary person, if you are sick and tired of the same looks and want to change to long and straight hair, you need to find a way to do so.

There are a number of solutions at your disposal when it comes to straightening curly or frizzy hair. You may be able to find a number of effective shampoos in the market all promising to turn your curly hairs in to straight with regular use of these shampoos. However, chances are that most of these promises will never be true and you will end up wasting your time and money, so avoid using these hair-straightening shampoos.

Selena Gomez-Straight HairStraightening curly hair is really a great way to gain a smooth, sleek look. Some people use blow dryers to face this challenge. However, blow-drying curly hair each and every day is not just time-consuming, it can furthermore damage hair. However, numerous other techniques permit you to realize your dream of having straight hair. You can read a few personal hair straightener reviews where people share their experience using flat irons, or you can try curly hair relaxer kits, which are simple to find at the neighborhood drugstore quite inexpensively. These hair relaxer kits can be used at home. An alternate way to get straighter hair is to head to a beauty or hair salon. Having a stylist perform the treatment could always be a lot more effective. For people who decide to go to the salon, search carefully to find a stylist.