OYCF currently organizes an annual meeting for its members and friends. The annual meeting serves as a forum where interested individuals can get together to discuss various social issues related to China, to exchange views, and to develop common aspirations. At each annual meeting, there is usually a general topic around which discussions are organized.

2008 Annual Meeting Registration Form(pdf)

Annual Meeting Programs and Summaries

May 23, 2008

Globalization And Nationalism
Across The Taiwan Strait

May 25, 2007

Cultural Production & Consumption in Contemporary China


May 26, 2006 Social Classes in Transitional China
May 27, 2005 The State of Rural China: Chinese Peasants, Agriculture and Rural Society in the Reform Era
May 28, 2004 Gender and Women's Issues in China
May 23, 2003 Understanding Civil Society: OYCF Fifth Annual Meeting Summary
May 24, 2002
WTO, Olympics & 9/11: A New China Facing A New World

May 25, 2001

China in the 20th Century: A Review

May 26, 2000

China's Sustainable Development: An Institutional Perspective

April 29, 1999

Liberalism and China