Seven Ways to Get Your Crush to Notice You

No matter how old you are, whether you’re in your sweet 16 or you just began your glamorous life of being 40, for as long as you’re not committed to anyone yet, it’s perfectly fine to have a feeling of attraction towards someone else. Yes, it’s quite teeny bopper to still call it a “crush” but is there really a better way to explain that feeling of butterflies in your tummy while he or she walks by? It doesn’t matter if you’re a man or a woman; if you want your crush to notice you, check out some of these tips below.

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1. Be confident about yourself.

Self-confidence, without crossing the arrogance line, is still the most attractive trait anybody could have. If you think that being shy, timid and way too quiet will get your crush to notice you, it might work but in many cases, it won’t. Truth be told, there are some men or women who would notice you even if you don’t open your mouth or even move away from your desk the whole day. However, if you have longingly stared at the man/woman of your dreams for way too long and he still doesn’t notice you, then it’s time to make moves. Start with being confident about yourself. When you feel confident, it will definitely show.

2. Dress nicely!

Spend a little more time choosing the clothes you will be wearing, fixing your hair or putting makeup on. Don’t overdo it because a woman who looks like a birthday cake with all that makeup on, or the man who seems like he’s heading to a wedding when he’s just going to the mall isn’t exactly attractive. You might get the wrong kind of attention. Do spend time on your hairdo though. You can go to a salon or do it yourself with use of a blow dryer and some hairspray. Wear clean clothes and just a little jewelery, one eye catcher will do. Go for a nice fresh and clean look.

3. Give him or her a nice smile each time you have the opportunity.

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4. Have something prepared to say when he or she finally approaches you.

And when he or she finally notices you and approaches you, you better have something prepared to say. It can be as simple as “hey, how are your doing?” or “how was work?”. Some people get so nervous about it that no words are coming out.

5. Or be the first one to approach!

If he or she won’t approach you, why don’t you be the first one to make a move? So what if you’re the girl? Start with something like “your shirt looks nice, where’d you get it? I was thinking of getting one for my brother!”

6. Show off a little bit – know your limit.

You saw him in the club? Show off your dancing skills. You work with her? Show her how great you by achieving your goals. Again, know your limit so you won’t look like a boastful fool.

7. Don’t be too hard to get.

And when he or she is finally there, don’t play too hard to get. If you’ve waited far too long for your crush to notice you, don’t miss this chance by saying you’re not interested because you know deep inside that you are!